MemComp™ is a memory compiler delivery vehicle that operates independently of any other EDA tool for the express purpose of providing memory instances and all associated views needed for chip level integration. Full control over all the parameters supported by compilers is provided.
Spectral's MemComp™ delivers model generation, test benches, liberty files, GDS and LEF plus many other views in one concise database. It completely automates the process of generating all of the views needed for industry standard EDA tools and integration into memory compiler user's integrated circuits.

Product Description

MemComp™ accepts as input simple control files to define the behavior of the encapsulated compilers. Users specify PVT corners, instances to be generated in the manner in which they naturally want to run the tool. The tool has the capability to control certain aspects of what can be generated by users of those compilers. These controls are set by the memory compiler architects. Other settings are under the control of the compiler users.

Fig1: MemComp Accurate Timing Estimation Engine

MemComp™ incorporates the advanced timing estimation engine of Spectral’s MemoryTime™ analysis, margin and timing software development tool. It offers superior accuracy as compared to other solutions and since the database is highly efficient, even extremely large characterization databases can be estimated in seconds. Combining this efficiency with integrated distributed processing capabilities, enables 100s of instances to be compiled rapidly.

Key Features

-> Easy to use GUI interface as well as powerful batch mode
-> Fast runtime in batch mode
-> Ability to generate 100s of instances
-> User defined licensing of compilers
-> Compiler feature licensing control
-> Multithreading job control system
-> Fully encrypted and protected db
-> Controls all compilers parameters
-> Generates PDF datasheets
-> No external EDA tools needed
-> Fully supported and documented
-> Training and tutorials available
-> Live instance based characterization

The rich set of features in available in MemComp™ enables the designers to quickly and easily generate all the support data needed in order to build ICs using encapsulated memory compilers.

Figure 2 - Data Flow


MemoryComp™ benefits circuit designers, device engineers in foundries and memory compiler developers. The tool supports standard spice formats resulting in a fast learning curve. The various steps involved in memory design are effectively captured in a common database. This helps to insure design and data integrity. The job control facility allows designers to make the best use of compute resources. It also works with third party job control systems. MemoryComp™ ability to accept multiple netlists and stimulus files enables simulations to be optimized for the particular task. For compilers, once a design is fully characterized a built-in estimator provides fast and accurate timing and power data. MemoryComp™ also supports a compiler distribution mode.
MemoryComp™ is also ideally suited for producing instance families for complex memories such as embedded Cache or CAMs. Through comprehensive automation of the memory modeling, characterization and data validation process, users benefit in significant productivity improvement.

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