Spectral Enablement Package(SEP)

Spectral's Enablement Package is for customers that want to build or enhance a Memory Compiler Team while addressing an immediate need for Memory IP™. It also accelerates customer adoption of Spectral Tools and Flow. SEP offers an exclusive way to combine Spectral MemoryIP™, Memory Development Platform Software (MemoryCanvas™, MemoryTime™, MemComp™) with Training and Documentation for the fastest possible technology transfer from Spectral to customer.
Using Spectral’s Memory Development Platform, designers have access to the world’s most productive embedded memory development environment. This automation technology forms the linchpin of the Enablement Package. By combining this technology with Spectral IP, either standard memory IP in a generic process technology or custom memory IP, customers can get the Software and Memory IP™ for an immediate need to use on a real-time project and as an example to be used for future development by the customer.

    Key Features

    --> Enables memory designers to become compiler developers
    --> Experienced Memory designers gain increase productivity
    --> Memory Compiler Design ready for customer usage and adoption
    --> Accelerates customer adoption of Spectral Tools and Flow

    Product Description

    Frequently, customers would like to migrate to more productive memory development tools and flows yet have the day to day pressures of product deliveries. Spectral's Enablement Package offers a way for customers to get an immediate design requirement fulfilled while achieving adoption of a more productive development environment.

Figure 1: Spectral Enablement Package

Spectral offers several options with the enablement package. In order to accelerate tool adoption, customers may use MemoryIP™ which consists of fully integrated memory compilers rich with features commonly found in advanced geometries. All enablement compilers include Floorplan inputs into the graphical compiler tool, MemoryCanvas™ and Verilog templates. Optional full leaf cell schematics are available to complete the design aspect of the compilers. Then, layout is available in both generic and process specific design rules.


    Spectral Enablement Package represents the fastest possible method to address an immediate customer need for memory IP while simultaneously adopting the Spectral Memory Development Platform. The IP can be delivered in “source” format in that all infrastructure needed to build and modify a compiler is available for customer reference and modification. Only Spectral offers such flexible business models to enable customers to take ownership of memory compilers they need and migrate those into the future independently. The IP delivered serves as a real example for customers to use to create other memory designs. Once Spectral tools have been adopted, Spectral is always available for resource augmentation for customer peak demand needs.

    Spectral is also available to design custom memory designs to be used in the enablement package. From specification to silicon verification, Spectral is there to insure that deliveries of Tools and IP provide competitive advantage.
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