Spectral MemoryIP™ is set of silicon-proven, High Density and Low Power Static Random Access Memories. The library consists of the standard 6 compiler architectures: Single Port & Dual Port SRAMs, ROM, One, Two and Pseudo-2 Port Register Files.
Spectral's solutions use foundry or Spectral custom designed bit cells that enable robust operation. They integrate high density, low power architectural design as well as performance optimized circuitry to attain high speed operation with minimal power consumption. Coupled with Spectral's Memory Development Platform, MemoryIP™ is also available in source code format so that users can modify the designs, port to other technologies or extend the capabilities. Spectral MemoryIP™ is designed for standard CMOS process technology.

    Figure1: Example SpectralSPSRAMTM Instance

    Key Features

    -> High Density Design
    -> Advanced Compiler features supported
    -> Separate power rails for core & periphery
    -> Multiple aspect ratio options
    -> Multi-Bank architecture
    -> Low dynamic power consumption
    -> Complete set of integration views
    -> Available as Instance or Compiler
    -> Available in a generic process
    All Spectral MemoryIP™ utilizes SpectralTrak™ technology which is proprietary PVT monitoring circuitry that accurately and dynamically detects changes in Process, Voltage and Temperature environmental conditions to insure that critical internal memory timing pathways are within allowable margin tolerances.

    Product Description

    The SpectralMemoryIP™ is specially architected for high density and low dynamic power consumption. Providing a full set of standard memory compilers offers chip designers memory IP that is optimized for the various embedded storage requirements typically needed on most systems. SpectralSPSRAM, SpectralPS2PSRAM and SpectralDPSRAM are used for larger capacity monolithic instance requirement. Spectral1PRF and Spectral2PRF are used for scratch pad memories and FIFO applications respectively. SpectralROM is used for boot code, filter coefficient or other critical nonvolatile storage requirements.

    Figure 2: Spectral1PRF One Port Register File


      MemoryIP™ can be used by foundries to provide a full set of superior foundation Memory libraries to its customers. It can also be used by fabless semiconductor companies that desire to internally develop and maintain control of the memory IP. For companies desiring to take control of memory IP development, MemoryIP™ provides a comprehensive set of 6 silicon proven architectures developed in the world's most productive memory compiler development platform, MemoryCanvas™ and MemoryTime™. Spectral offers optional rights to modify. The compilers included in the package all offer many compiler features such as power down, test modes, multiple aspect ratios, multi-bank and are fully compatible with advanced process nodes.

      MemoryIP™ from Spectral is compatible with, and can be used in place of, memories provided by commercial foundries or other IP vendor companies.
      A wide range of instance configurations and options are available

      Depth of 8 Words to 16K Words
      Data Widths from 4 to 144 Bits
      Multiple Aspect Ratio Options
      Multi-Banked Architecture Options
      Bit/Byte Write Options
      Separate Array, Well & Substrate Power
      Sleep, Lite Sleep and/or Deep Sleep Options
      Support for BIST and ECC

    Figure 3:  Spectral2PRF    

    Figure 4. SpectralROM

    Figure 5. SpectralDPSRAM

    Figure 6. Timing Diagrams Read/Write, Deep Sleep

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